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Automating your analysis to simplify your job​

Clever, not big

We provide services, software tools and consultancy to enable deeper, faster and cheaper pharmaceutical strategic and commercial analytics.


Based out of London, our small team will provide customized solutions to you that make your development operation significantly more effective whilst eliminating risks.



Analysis services

Discover opportunities beyond the pipeline. When looking at new areas, new uses of technology/ compounds or finding best available asset to invest in, use our smart literature mining services to gain quantitative insight into the preclinical landscape and the relevance of opportunities.

We also provide tracking and analysis processes and offer insights generation processes.

The aim of our offerings are to ensure that your productivity and depth of insight are maximised.

​​We will:

  • Bring the best and latest data to you

  • Easily investigate and visualise information

  • Archive detailed and useful insights

Custom services

Make use of our advanced customisation solutions, task automation capabilities, data acquisition or analytics projects.

Drive insight generation and predict outcomes through our predictive modelling and statistics projects.

Have bigger problems? We can help with those too, using our data-enabled consultancy services.

​​We offer:

  • Custom/bespoke outputs

  • Analysis of third-party information

  • Strategic and 'bigger picture' solutions


"I can get more work done while having lunch than I used to in an entire week"

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